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Kia Ora and Welcome

Your interest shows that you believe your organisation could benefit by having volunteers to assist in the valuable work that you do in the community. The focus of the Volunteer Centre is to help you find the right person for the positions you have available. We match the individual’s skills and needs to the skills and requirements of your organisation, to the benefit of both.



The following principles underpin the formal definition of volunteering:


  • benefits the community and the volunteer

  • voluntary work is unpaid 

  • is always a matter of choice exercised by an individual 

  • is a legitimate way for an individual to participate in the activities of his/her community 

  • is a way for individuals or groups to address human, environmental and social needs o volunteering is an activity only undertaken in the not-for-profit sector 

  • is not a substitute for paid work 

  • respects the rights, dignity culture of others demonstrated in formal and informal sessions. 

  • promotes human rights and equality

Volunteer Rights


Volunteers’ rights are covered under various forms of legislation. These rights include, but are not restricted to the right:

  • to work in a healthy and safe environment o the right to be recruited and employed in accordance with the legislative principles of equal opportunity and anti discrimination 

  • to be covered by insurance during the performance of voluntary work 

  • to be given accurate, current and truthful information about the organisation, its policies and procedures

  • to be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses incurred while working on behalf of an approved organisation 

  • to have all confidential and personal information handled in accordance with relevant legislation 

  • to be provided with sufficient and appropriate training for a volunteer to do his/her job o the right to have access to grievance procedures

  • to have all voluntary work undertaken according to specified job descriptions and conditions 

  • to decline work where such work was undertaken by paid staff or work is subject to industrial dispute 

Policies on Registered Organisations 

  • The Volunteer Centre shall register for volunteer referral any non-profit or charitable organisations or groups, but not individuals, offering volunteer placement provided that such groups offer reasonable volunteer employment policies. Reasonable volunteer employment policies shall include job descriptions, training, supervision and support, where appropriate.

  • Organisations not conforming to legislation on human rights will not qualify for registration with the Volunteer Centre. 

  • Client agencies shall be required to provide a referral contact and relevant information for volunteer placement.

  • If required for the financial operation of the Volunteer Centre, charges to client organisations for services may be made. Such charges shall be flexible and as approved by the Board from time to time.

  • Volunteers shall be referred to organisations to supplement, extend or reinforce services, and shall not take the place of paid staff or fill positions for which funding is available.

  • It is the responsibility of the client organisations to formulate their own insurance policies for volunteers. The Volunteer Centre will not accept any responsibility in this area. 

  • The decision to place a volunteer is the responsibility of the client organisation. Gisborne Volunteer Centre does not accept responsibility for the performance of the volunteers or for the accuracy of the information supplied by the volunteers. 

Code of Practice for Volunteers Involving Organisations


To promote excellence in service and maximise the quality of volunteers' experience, this organisation will: 

  • Empower our volunteers to meet their own and the organisation's needs. 

  • Offer volunteers work opportunities appropriate to appropriate to their skills, experience and aspirations. 

  • Provide volunteers with clear duty statements and orientation to their work and the organisation.

  • Offer training and support for volunteers to achieve personal and work goals. 

  • Implement procedures to safeguard volunteer safety and well being. 

  • Offer reimbursement to cover out-of-pocket expenses. 

  • Recognise volunteers as valued team members with opportunities to participate in relevant organisation decisions. 

  • Provide mechanisms to acknowledge contributions made by volunteers. 

Terms and Conditions


  • Our organisation understands that the volunteers referred to our organisation from Gisborne Volunteer Centre (GVC) are referrals only. At no time does this referral process imply a recommendation of specific applicants on the part of GVC.

  • Our organisation accepts the responsibility of evaluating the applicants for appropriate placement in our organisation.

  • Our organisation undertakes to provide all accepted applicants with appropriate training, supervision and support to ensure a worthwhile experience.


  • In consideration for referring prospective volunteers to meet the needs of the organisation, the organisation hereby voluntarily assumes all risks and hereby releases and discharges GVC from any claim, liability or demand of any kind which may arise as the result of action, or failure to act, of any prospective volunteer referred by GVC to the organisation.

  • We understand that it is our responsibility to undertake vetting/police checks of volunteers to suit our own requirements, if necessary.


  • We understand that the final acceptance, orientation, training, and placement of referred volunteers will be the responsibility of our organisation.

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