The Privacy Act 1993


Gisborne Volunteer Centre undertakes to collect, use and store information provided on this form according to the principles of the Privacy Act 1993. The information will be used by Gisborne Volunteer Centre in discussing my placement with the Agency, also for the Agency to discuss my placement with Gisborne Volunteer Centre, as well as for statistical, funding and administrative purposes within Gisborne Volunteer Centre.


I understand that final acceptance, orientation, training, and placement of referred volunteers will be the responsibility of the Agency.

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Kia ora and welcome 


We appreciate your interest in volunteering and will endeavour to help you find a volunteer position that will lead to many hours of happy volunteering and provide a positive experience for both you, the organisation you choose to help and the wider community who benefits from your contribution.


This information is prepared to inform volunteers of their rights and responsibilities when working for not-for-profit organisations.


The contents are intended to encourage people to volunteer with the knowledge that they are supported and have access to resources and training. By registering with the Gisborne Volunteer Centre the volunteer has access to a diverse range of volunteering opportunities.


Our Mission is to:

Strengthen our community by providing a climate that encourages volunteering 


Our Vision is:

Growing vitality in a volunteering community 


Gisborne Volunteer Centre offers volunteers

  • Referrals to volunteer positions for non profit agencies.

  • Opportunities to attend workshops and training days.

  • A newsletter every two months


Volunteering offers opportunities to


  • Learn and develop new skills.

  • Increase confidence. 

  • Develop employment potential.

  • Meet people and make new friends.

  • Show care and concern for others.

  • Do some thing satisfying with your spare time.

  • Improve the quality of community life. 


Recommended Code of Practice for Volunteers 


To promote excellence in service and maximise the quality of the experience as a volunteer, I (volunteer) will: 


  • Recognise my own motives for being a volunteer and ensure the organisation is aware of these. 

  • Seek work opportunities appropriate to my skills, interests and aspirations. 

  • Be committed to give high quality service  Consider opportunities for job training and personal development. 

  • Carry out all work I agree to do responsibly and ethically. 

  • Speak out about any concerns that might affect my work relationships or quality of service. 

  • See myself as a valued team member with the right to contribute to decisions which affect my work. 

  • Value and support other team member Rights of Volunteers.

  • To be treated as a co – worker respected by paid staff and encouraged to be involved in agency decision- making

  • To be allocated clearly defined tasks suited to your preference and ability.

  • To be offered training, support and supervision.

  • To be provided with a safe working environment free from any discrimination based on race, gender, religion, age or disability.

  • To be given clear communication and consultation channels.

  • To be given the information about the organisation and the way it operates, and to be kept informed of relevant new developments.

  • To have your contribution acknowledged and recognised with appreciation.


Responsibilities of Volunteer is to:


  • Choose Voluntary work which you can support wholeheartedly.

  • Work within the policies and guidelines of the organisation.

  • Be loyal to the organisation, respect its place in the community and maintain its credibility and integrity.

  • Be realistic about capability and availability, and avoid over commitment.

  • Be honest, punctual and regular in attendance. 

  • Treat other workers as you would wish to be treated yourself.

  • Observe confidentiality and privacy at all times.

  • Report accidents, etc. immediately.

  • Speak out when concerned or unsure.

  • Work with care and consideration.

Please note that all fields marked with * are required fields and will need to be completed before you can Submit this form.