About us

The Gisborne Volunteer Centre is an independent not-for-profit organisation that operates in the Gisborne and East Coast Region to promote and support all volunteering, wherever it happens, whether it is informal or formal. The Centre started operating in December 2001 and became a charitable trust in 2003.

We are here to:


  • To provide and promote information and resources on volunteering

  • Recruit, train and support volunteers to assist organisations and people in need.

  • Train and support organisations which involve volunteers

  • Promote the value of voluntary work

  • Support and train Volunteer Managers/Coordinators

  • Raise the profile of volunteering

  • Recognise and celebrate volunteer contributions in the community

Our mission and vision


Our mission is to “Strengthen the community by providing a climate that encourages volunteering” and it is aimed to achieve this by building effective partnerships to better identify volunteer needs and involvement, and to increase public awareness of the voluntary sector.

This will help us achieve our vision of growing vitality in a volunteering community.


Our purpose


The Gisborne Volunteer Centre provides a unique service to the Gisborne and East Coast Region by promoting and supporting the voluntary sector of the community. The Centre recruits volunteers and refers them onto not-for-profit community organisations needing volunteer assistance. The service is open to any not-for-profit organisations and people wishing to volunteer.

Promotion and support


Although Gisborne Volunteer Centre promotes volunteering throughout the year, we specifically highlight

  • Volunteer Awareness Week

  • Youth Awards for Volunteering

  • International Volunteer Managers’ Day

  • International Volunteer Day




Volunteer coordinators network meeting 


Held every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 11.30, these meetings provide the opportunity for the coordinators and managers of volunteers to network and discuss relevant issues, support each other as well as providing opportunities for professional development.

Training and development


Gisborne Volunteer Centre provides training and advice on volunteering to community organisations. Workshops are usually half day workshops facilitated by people with expertise in the field of the topic. We will also meet with organisations individually to provide advice and assistance with defining volunteer roles, writing job descriptions and agreements.


  • Jenny Greaves - Manager

  • Ros Faulkner- Volunteer Service Coordinator 

  • Janine Hamilton-Kells - Marketing and Volunteer Service Coordinator

  • Hans Eijdenberg - Website Administrator

  • Rosemary Hullen - Events support 

  • Hilary Pickering- Office Support​




  • Michael West

  • Brian Cochrane 

  • Michelle Whitley

  • Nicki Liversage


We are a member of Volunteering New Zealand and Volunteer Centres Network Aotearoa.


Our people